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Lexington Choral Society
2012 Revision



This organization shall be called the Lexington Choral Society.


ARTICLE II - Purpose

The purpose of the Lexington Choral Society is the promotion of good choral singing and the artistic fulfillment and enjoyment for the singers involved and the audiences for which the ensemble performs.


ARTICLE III - Membership

Membership shall be composed of singers who may be interviewed and/or asked to sing before a final invitation is offered.  Membership may come from any county in North Carolina and is not limited to Davidson County or the City of Lexington.


ARTICLE IV – Officers

The Lexington Choral Society shall have the following elected officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Librarian, and Business Manager. The elected officers, Director and Assistant Director shall form an Executive Committee.  Officers shall serve unlimited terms but must be re-elected annually by the current membership of the organization.  When a vacancy occurs, a nominating committee shall be formed to present candidates for the vacated office.  The nominating committee shall consist of the Director(s), remaining officers, and two at large members from the organization. In the event that all offices are vacated simultaneously, the Director(s) and five members from the organization shall be selected to form a nominating committee.


ARTICLE V - Committees

Committees shall be appointed as needed.


ARTICLE VI - Amendments

This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of all current choral society members present and voting at a regular business meeting or rehearsal.



ARTICLE I - Duties of Officers


Section 1:  President:  The President shall preside at all business meetings, welcome the audience at performances, keep the membership informed of Society business, organize the Vocal Scholarship Competition and perform any other duties pertaining to such office. 

Section 2:  Vice President:  The Vice President shall assist the President in his/her responsibilities when needed and will preside at business meetings in the President’s absence. The Vice President shall also be in charge of publicity for chorus performances, events and fundraisers and will work closely with the Historian and publicity correspondents.

Section 3:  Secretary:  The Secretary shall keep a record of any business and/or executive sessions and maintain a directory of membership and a record of attendance. The Secretary is responsible for notifying the Director(s) of members who are near maximum absence level and for sending appropriate correspondence to members in time of special need.

Section 4:  Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall track money received from dues, fundraisers and contributions while keeping a correct updated book account of all receipts and disbursements. The Treasurer shall assist the Director(s) in preparing annual financial statements and budget reports and requests.  The Treasurer shall send acknowledgements of gifts received to all contributors and honorees.

Section 5:  Business Manager: The Business Manager shall be responsible for  obtaining community ads for Performance Programs, assist the Director(s) in compiling the content of the Performance Program, and coordinate with the printer(s) regarding the program and delivery of completed programs.

Section 6:  Librarian:  The Librarian(s) shall be responsible for distribution, collection and filing of all music during each season. Copies of music shall be made available at each rehearsal.

Section 7:  Section Leaders:  A leader may be appointed by the Director(s) for each of the four sections (soprano, alto, tenor, bass). The Section Leader, although not an officer, is responsible for contacting members of his/her respective section regarding rehearsal changes or other important developments between rehearsals and shall provide musical assistance as is necessary.

Section 8:  Historian:  Although not an officer, the Historian shall maintain the official Choral Society scrapbook, in which will be stored all promotional articles, pictures, and programs from each season and any other memorabilia. These things shall be collected and inserted each season and be on display at yearly social activities.


ARTICLE II - Rehearsals

Regular rehearsals shall be held weekly during the months of September through April. Additional rehearsals, or extension of rehearsal hours, may be occasionally called by the Director(s).


ARTICLE III - Elections

New officers shall be elected in the spring of each year, and elected officers shall take office during the month of June.



A yearly membership fee is required of all members, payable in September and/or January of each year.  Members may elect to pay for an entire year (two seasons) or a half year (one season) at a time.  A discount shall be offered to those who elect to pay for an entire year up front.  A discount shall also be offered to couples that join together and for students.  Fees shall be determined annually by the Executive Committee.


ARTICLE V - Wardrobe and Supplies

Section 1:       Each member shall be responsible for the purchase of his/her own outfit, selected by the group, to be worn at performances.

                           Section 2:       Each member shall be required to pay for, or provide, his/her own folder.

Section 3:      Music is provided free of charge for the TEMPORARY use of each member and shall be returned at the conclusion of each season.


ARTICLE VI - Attendance

Section 1:       Each member shall not miss more than four (4) rehearsals per concert season (Season #1: September through December; Season #2: January through April).

Section 2:        Upon a member's third absence, the Secretary shall notify the Director(s) that he/she is nearing the maximum allowed total.

Section 3:        Any member who has more than four (4) absences, or foresees this situation, is expected to notify the Director(s), requesting a leave of absence for that season. An absence means not attending a rehearsal, regardless of the reason.  Exceptions may be considered by the Director, Assistant Director and the Executive Committee.


ARTICLE VII - Performances

Section 1:         All performance invitations shall be discussed and voted on by the members of the organization.

Section 2:       Since the success of the group as a whole depends upon each individual member, all members are expected to be present at all performances.



The Lexington Choral Society is a non-profit organization, and the revenues earned, or granted, shall be used solely for expenses of the organization in performance. In the event of dissolution, any residual assets shall be turned over to one or more organizations which themselves are nonprofit.


ARTICLE IX – Amendments

The By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of all current choral society members present and voting at a regular business meeting or rehearsal.




Note:  The 2012 edition of the Lexington Choral Society Constitution was drafted from earlier versions of the Constitution (1988 & 1995).  The new draft was deemed necessary to update language that was no longer applicable to the organization.  The integrity of the original Constitution has been preserved in this document and was unanimously approved by the membership of the organization.  The originals have been preserved and are on file in the Lexington Choral Society library.