Friends of LCS

Over the past 50 years of the Lexington Choral Society things have changed. Many of the faces have changed, including the addition of new faces, the loss of others, and the literal change of some faces who have been in the group almost from the beginning (in fact there are one or two who have been with us from the very beginning). One thing that has not changed is the support we get from this community. The Lexington Choral Society has been able to exist and flourish because of you. We cherish your support and hope that we have been good stewards of your gifts and have represented Davidson County in a positive way.

The Friends of the Society are a major source of funding for the Lexington Choral Society. We hope that you will do what you can to help launch the Lexington Choral Society into the next 50 years.

Coming Soon....Donate Online to Become a Friend of LCS!